Of french and driving..


After the (according to me) marginally successful completion of my open defence last week, life has changed… not much, but enough to allow me to do newer things without worry or guilt.

One three-hour class of french and I am positive I can get myself to learn it well.. if only I learn all the new blunt ‘r’s and the shushing ‘sh’ and ‘jsh’s properly. Delna is a strict teacher and she insists on teaching us french in french. Not that I am complaining, but it gave me a terrible headache the last time, just trying to figure out some syllables and words that were similar to english and that I could understand what she was saying. Everyone else in the class in enthu enough to dive right in and try to speak in french, including ‘excuse moi’, ‘pardon’ and ‘merci’. Its good fun! 🙂

The Santro I learn driving in, has definetly seen better days. Not to mention days when it was a whole car. With its indicator handles and fenders threatening to break loose, I almost feel a sense of pity when I drive it. But most of the times, its pity mingled with a sense of freedom. With the power of an engine at my hands and feet, I cant help going a little heavy on the accelerator most of the time. I can hear the poor car purr everytime I race… its almost like she wants to be let free. But this does not go down well with my instructor. He swears that its the first time he has seen a girl be so keen on driving fast. So of most of the instructions barked into my ear the predominant one is always ‘Accelerator se pair hatao!’

I dont miss my life as much now… but who knows.. all this might change too soon… and 3 months at home, in retrospect, would just be a flurry of activities I did when I was at home for a few fleeting moments.