Un anno


Its been a year already!

*shuffles to find my old sheaffers black ink pen*

Things learnt in the year 2008 –

1. There is such a thing as too much alcohol. Hangover is a very real consequence of a night-full of fun.

2. Pilates is a surprisingly good workout, sans the usual huffing-puffing and perspiration

3. Being hestitant gets you nowhere. It can also be misinterpreted as indecision, which is pretty immature. (so is hesitation.. to begin with…)

4. A mug of steaming soup and slices of rustic bread make for a great dinner. (Never knew my tummy could fill up so fast with so little)

5. One needs to keep their eyes open to notice everyday phenomena. Its usually where the elusive bird of singular discoveries lurks.

6. A new language can only be learnt when it is spoken as much and as frequently as possible, with as many random strangers are possible! (Speaking bad ungrammatical french, or rather trying to speak french than english, has opened more doors for me than a sweet smile!)

7. It takes a split second to judge someone – so do some nifty boot-exchanging and walk in your new heels before you are swift to bring down the gavel.

8. It also takes just a split second (or even just an unconscious action or lack of it) for a bond to break. No matter how long it took and how beautifully it flowered, it is never too difficult to snap the bare threads on an already strained camaraderie.

9. It isnt a crime to preen! To look presentable and proper, is the most basic of  social skills. A wardrobe overall is exactly what was needed – and what I got myself.

10. Home isnt a set of people – it isnt even a place. Its a set of circumstances that happened at a certain place and time. All we do, is try to go back to that point in space and time, when things were perfect for us; when we felt our best, when everything was alright with the world – when we were “at home”.