Things learnt today –


  • The smell of baking is what makes a house a home
  • It is definitely possible to OD on oatmeal and raisin cookies
  • Plain, white, polished rice is SO boring!
  • Plain ol’ sliced bread is SO boring!
  • A pod of garlic can transform even boring moong dal into something that fell out of the heavens and straight on to your taste-buds
  • Just because it is summer, I dont need to buy multiple heads of broccoli and multiple boxes of strawberries like I’m going to hoard them up
  • A flower vase can have – orange, yellow, purple and pink – as colour combinations and still look like it wont gobble up your cones.

I can be (just as I already knew) perfectly happy when I am perfectly alone.


3 thoughts on “Things learnt today –

  1. Someone’s cooking! 🙂
    I love brown rice – not so much wold rice though. You should also give cous-cous a try, it’s a cinch to make (no cooking!) and delicious.

    Multigrain sourdough is the best! And dinner rolls encrusted with sunflower seeds. I’vetried in vain to find some Turkish pide here to no avail. I am jealous – you must have easy access to those awesome shiny looking, cracked, dark, salt encrusted German pretzels.
    Look what you did – you got me all excited about food. Again 😛

  2. Sneha> I feel like such a squirrel sometimes !

    Oui.. pas mal, c’est le printemps maintenent est tout est parfaitment beau ! – le soleil, les fleurs, le lac, les montagnes… 🙂

    geetika> I still have to tread into the multigrain side of things.. but I will.. slowly 😛

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